Welcome to my world where I have the power to help you make your computer better, faster, and more usable than it’s been since you can remember.

Viruses, Trojans, and worms… Malware, crapware, spyware, annoyware…. Drive-by hijacks, silent/accidentally-deliberate installations by bad guys wanting to steal your info/money/identity, windows where clicking NO means YES… and even more ugly weeds that sprout up on a daily basis.

All of that is nastyyyyy and I can clean it in about an hour or so. If I can’t, I’ll tell you and won’t charge you a thing. Otherwise, I’m still cheaper than the big-box stores. Especially when you consider that they hire 12-year olds [who barely have fuzz on their faces and all they know how to do is reset your computer back to the day you took it out of the box and you’ll lose everything anyway – and oh by the way they’ll only charge you $150+ for that damage, uh, err, fix]. You might as well consider me, who has plenty of gray hair from slogging my way through 35+ years of electronics, engineering, and the computer industry’s technological enhancements.

I’m fairly busy with customers and customer websites so that’s why this website is so sparse. It’s really just a business card for me on the Internet of All Things. Yessss, I know I could have made it razzly-dazzly with sliding videos and scroll thingys but I just don’t have that kind of time. I’d rather spend it fixing people’s computers or razzle-dazzling their websites.

So just go to my About page and email me if you need help.

~ Deb Donohoe, Computer Consultant since 1989